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Dexter Holland sued over airplane

The Offspring frontman Dexter Holland is facing a lawsuit over allegations he owes money for an airplane he bought in 2007.

Executives at aviation company Cessna have filed legal documents in an attempt to recoup funds allegedly owed by the star.

According to the documents, seen by editors at TMZ.com, Holland, who already owns two planes, financed an aircraft in 2007 but struggled to make the payments, and was left owing the company $782,422 .

Cessna bosses claim to have struck a deal with the musician in which Holland would sell the plane privately and give the funds to the company, while being given until 2017 to pay off the remaining debt.

However, the plane constructors allege Holland hasn't paid them anything for around a year and are now suing for payment of the outstanding debt or possession of his other two aircraft.

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