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Chris Hemsworth will never sport a mustache

Chris Hemsworth won't be seen sporting a mustache anytime soon.

The Australian actor has risen through the Hollywood ranks in recent years, and is now one of the most bankable stars in the business.

Apart from when he's onscreen, Chris can usually be seen with a little bit of stubble, but he's now revealed that his wife Elsa Pataky recently vetoed him ever going for the mustachioed look.

"I've never had a mustache for longer than 10 seconds," he told U.K. Marie Claire magazine. "I shaved around it just to see what a mustache would look like, but my wife wasn't a fan so it came straight off.

To keep his stubble groomed, Chris simply runs a pair of clippers over the hairs every now and then. He also prefers keeping his hair short too, especially after being forced to wear his locks in a ponytail for the first two instalments of the Thor superhero movie franchise.

"I'd always rather grow it rather than wear a wig if I'm filming. Wigs can be itchy and hot, but the worst thing is sitting still in the styling chair before going on set. I'm not very good at that," the 34-year-old said.

With his good looks, Chris was recently tapped as a brand ambassador for Hugo Boss' Boss Bottled Tonic fragrance. He's a big fan of the scent, which contains a woody base and top notes of grapefruit, bitter orange and lemon, and claims that it is a very subtle perfume.

"It's masculine and woody but subtle enough so you can wear it every day. I never want a fragrance that's so strong you can smell it six feet away – that's too much," he added.

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