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Chris Evans worried Captain America would flop

Chris Evans feared for his career if last year's (11) superhero blockbuster Captain America flopped because he had already made "quite a few stinkers".

The Hollywood hunk has reprised his role as Captain America for upcoming superhero movie The Avengers, following the financial success of his debut outing as the shield-wielding adventurer.

However, he is still coming to terms with starring in such a big box office hit following a series of under performing films.

He tells Hong Kong's Prestige magazine, "I'm surprised by any movie that is successful. At this point I've made a lot of films. I've made about 20 movies and I'm probably proud of three. I had already made quite a few stinkers. I couldn't afford to make another one, let alone another one on that scale. If you make one that big and it fails, your days are numbered.

"(But) not only was I extremely happy with how the film turned out, but it was such a fantastic working experience. Everything about it has been a positive. There has not been one negative."

Chris Evans' past roles include The Losers, science fiction drama Sunshine and thriller Cellular.

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