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Cheryl Cole vows to avoid botox

Cheryl Cole has vowed never to undergo invasive surgery to preserve her youthful looks, insisting wrinkles should be worn as a badge of honour.

The British pop star, who was briefly a judge on the first season of The X Factor, reveals that if she was ever tempted to have Botox injections to smooth out her ageing skin, she would face the wrath of her mother, Joan, who disapproves of plastic surgery.

She tells Britain's Notebook magazine, "We earn our wrinkles. It's character, it's the map of your life... I have great role models in my mum and family. The whole Botoxing and surgery thing is like, what? They don't get it, they don't like it. (My mum) would go crazy (if I got it)."

The brunette beauty turns 30 later this month (Jun13), but far from being daunted by reaching the milestone, Cole is looking forward to her birthday as she's convinced women look their best in their 30s.

She adds, "I always used to look up to women in their 30s and think, 'This is when women are at their most beautiful, sexy and their most confident.' That's what I was aspiring to be and now I'm here too, I feel like, 'Cool, I can relax now.'"

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