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Brooks tears up in hospital donation testimony

Country star Garth Brooks fought back tears as he testified against Oklahoma hospital officials accused of misappropriating a $500,000 donation intended to fund a new health center in memory of his mother.

The singer sent the cheque to the Integris Canadian Valley Regional Hospital in Yukon in 2005 and claims the generous gift was handed over on the condition that the money be used to build a new wing for women and named after his late mom, Colleen.

According to Brooks, hospital representatives showed the star architectural plans for the building and promised to save the funds for the project - but such an addition was never completed.

Hospital bosses have challenged the star's allegations, insisting they have done nothing wrong as the donation was "anonymous and unconditional" and the lawsuit headed to court this week (17Jan12).

Brooks took the stand in Claremore on Friday (20Jan12) and grew tearful as he gave his account of events, telling the court that he had had a deal with hospital president James Moore to construct the tribute center.

However, the singer's case suffered a setback as his accountant testified that she was unaware of any conditions tied to the money he donated.

Brooks is seeking compensation and punitive damages.

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