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Ben Stiller in talks to release teenage punk act's 1982 album

Ben Stiller is set to achieve his dream of releasing an album after music bosses discovered he was part of a cult early 1980s punk band, called Capital Punishment.

The funnyman, who was the band's drummer, reveals the group's one and only, unreleased album, Roadkill, has become a must-have for music lovers.

Stiller's parents handed over a rare copy of the album to chat show host Jimmy Fallon for Ben's appearance on his programme on Friday night (19Dec14) - and he played the track Delta Time, prompting his guest to reveal he may be heading back to his musical roots.

He explained, "Some alternative record label wanted to find Capital Punishment because apparently on certain outsider music sites this album is a cult classic... and they've been trying to track down the members of Capital Punishment.

"They wanna release it (album)."

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