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Azealia Banks quitting Twitter for Lent

Provocative hip-hop star Azealia Banks is quitting Twitter.com for Lent just weeks after her social media nemesis Iggy Azalea bowed out of using the site.

The rapper's outspoken posts on the microblogging site have made her a regular in the headlines in recent months, particularly her online row with Azalea, who stopped tweeting last month (Feb15) in a bid to avoid negativity on the Internet.

In her farewell post, Banks revealed she is leaving the site for six weeks over the period of Lent, the Christian period of abstinence in the run-up to Easter, writing, "I missed the beginning of Lent but better late than never. I'm going off tweets until April 2nd!! My management will tweet AB news."

Banks and Azalea were at loggerheads after the 212 hitmaker accused her fellow hip-hop star of appropriating black culture to boost record sales.

She has also been involved in online disputes with stars including Eminem, Rita Ora and Lady Gaga.

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