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Anna Kendrick uncomfortable with Pitch Perfect 3 delay

Anna Kendrick isn't comfortable with the delay on Pitch Perfect 3 because it has forced her to have downtime from her usual back-to-back schedule.

The Up in the Air actress has wracked up an impressive resume since her breakthrough in 2008's Twilight, with six film credits in 2016 alone. Anna likes doing projects one after the other, so she isn't thrilled that filming on the third Pitch Perfect movie has been pushed back from March to September (16), putting her effectively "on hold".

“I don’t know... if I’m going to end up in a total tailspin," she told New York magazine "semi-jokingly" and later explained, “I like the pace... But I feel like it’s not really sustainable. I want to work harder to curate my choices, just so I don’t ruin my life.”

Pitch Perfect 3's release was delayed from July, 2017 to December, 2017 and the change led to director Elizabeth Banks dropping out because the new shoot dates clashed with her parenting responsibilities.

During the interview, Anna, 30, also admitted she didn't know if Pitch Perfect 3 would be the last as she “hadn’t even considered that anyone would want to do more”.

She is still amazed by how well the films do at the box office, with the sequel becoming the highest-grossing music comedy of all time last year (15), and admitted that the set is pretty chaotic.

"We could (go to the bathroom) on a canvas, and it would be great," she said. “There were times when the music was changing a lot and the powers that be couldn’t decide a lot of things until the very last minute. I would have been really stressed about it if there wasn’t so much love for what we’re doing. I can’t totally account for why that is with this movie and not others.”

A replacement director for Elizabeth, who still has an acting role in the comedy, hasn't been announced. Rebel Wilson, Brittany Snow, and Hailee Steinfeld have also signed onto the sequel.

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