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Andre Braugher researched Brooklyn Nine-Nine role with police captains

Actor Andre Braugher worked with real-life police captains to research his role in hit comedy Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

The Salt star wanted his performance in the show to be as authentic as possible, despite the fact that the show is a comedy, and so he sought out professionals.

He says, "The stuff that you can't find on the internet and in books or by ordinary research is what is going on in the mind of a police captain.

"I was lucky enough, with our tech adviser, to sit down with three New York City police captains... and really pick their brains about how they think, how they feel, how they become talented commanders of precincts, what to do with these 200 cops, how to handle them.

"That's the most important part about the job - getting inside the mind of a police commander - and I feel as though they have given me invaluable information about how to think about my precinct."

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