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Amanda Seyfried's nerves before dad watched Lovelace

Amanda Seyfried was a nervous wreck ahead of the first screening of her explicit new movie Lovelace on Tuesday night (31Jul13), because her dad was in the audience.

The Mamma Mia! star has turned bad girl for her latest role as prolific porn star Linda Lovelace, who shot to fame after the release of 1973 hardcore movie Deep Throat.

Seyfried sat down to watch the film for the first time along with her co-stars in New York on Tuesday, but was dreading the screening because her father Jack would see her naked.

Before the preview, she said, "I don't want my dad to see my naked body ever. I'm going to sit through (the screening) and cover his eyes. It's really only the nudity. I don't have problems with him seeing me in violent situations. In sexual situations, it's a little tough, but it's more just the nudity. I think anybody can relate to that."

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