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Adele fights back tears in radio interview

British singer Adele fought back tears during an emotional radio interview on Friday morning (23Oct15) as she launched her comeback single.

The Rolling In The Deep star has been out of the spotlight for the last few years after taking time off to start a family, but she has returned to public life ahead of the upcoming release of her next album, 25.

Adele made her big comeback in an interview on Britain's Radio 1 to debut her new single Hello, and the singer admitted she felt nauseous and highly emotional to be back in the limelight.

"I feel so sick, I'm so nervous... I feel like I'm about to burst into tears..." she explained. "I'm feeling a little bit overwhelmed but I'm really, really excited and relieved (to launch the single)... I've been sitting on it for a while. And now nothing has to be a secret anymore so I can... take a breath."

She later seemingly burst into tears after the single was played, declaring, "I'm just relieved... I've made myself cry!"

Adele went on to reveal she has only just finished work on the new record, which is the follow-up to her hugely successful 2011 album 21, saying, "We only mastered the album a few weeks ago... There have been five people doing 300 people's jobs... Now it's done, it's great."

The singer's new track was previewed in a clip which aired on U.K. TV on Sunday (18Oct15), confirming her comeback, and Adele reveals she told her friends and family false dates in a bid to keep her plans under wraps: "I keep giving people the wrong date because I didn't want them to say anything 'cos I want it to be a secret..."

However, Adele admits she "freaked out" and "panicked" after the clip aired because she was convinced the stunt would not have worked: "I thought no one's going to know it's me. It'll backfire... (They will think it is) a John Lewis (U.K. store) advert."

She also reveals she felt under pressure to produce a top quality record because of the success of 21, which won her six Grammy Awards.

"I feel like every album I'm ever going to write is always going to be following 21," she explained. "Even no matter what this album does, my next record's going to be following 21... It was phenomenal what happened with that album... Every day I'm reminded of it... For a little while I was quite frightened by it, but after I got to take my time, I was like, 'Whoah, that's pretty amazing.'"

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