Special K

Published: 05-13-2010

Hey YH family! I'm Scotty "Special K" Kay... I am happy to be a part of The YH Scene and I look forward to sharing my crazy life with you!! I live in Chicago and Host NIGHTS on WKSC-FM (103.5 KISS FM) Weekdays from 8p-12a. I am also always out and about, either in the clubs, eating at late night diners, trying to climb things (I'm secretly Spiderman shhhhhh). Or you may find me on my couch playing Nintendo Wii and eating cheese and crackers.

I am also a pro at singing very off key to my favorite songs in the car, or I will bust out in a random break dance session in the street!

So if you like long walks on the beach... I say get an ATV, it's faster! Enjoy my Blog-o-ramma (everything sounds better with o-ramma at the end).