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We Heart Chelsea Settles!

On MTV, you can expect everything from teen moms to Jersey fist-pumpers. But if you’re looking for something different, "Chelsea Settles" is one of our new favorites. The 20-something is a force to be reckoned with and has a big dream — to live in Hollywood and work in fashion. Moving halfway across the country to Los Angeles, doing it weighing 300 pounds, well... that’s another thing entirely.

If you’ve ever wanted to see how reinvention works, this is the show for you. Chelsea Settles is embarking on the biggest challenge of her life where her weight isn’t the only thing holding her down. Leaving behind a sick mom, scoring a job in a posh Beverly Hills boutique, and taking back control over her weight, "Chelsea Settles" is a fascinating journey and the sort of heroine you can’t stop watching. Here are 7 reasons to fall in love with MTV’s most ambitious new It girl:


The truth will set you free:

CS: I wrote an email to a casting call on MTV, I made a video a week later. I just poured my heart out.


When you wish upon a star...

CS: It wasn’t so much a desire to be on TV. It was desire to lose weight. I was looking for an outlet. I wanted transformation. Once I started, I was living out my life. It’s an authentic betrayal.


Why things on the inside are just as important as thing on the outside:

CS: My whole life I was fixated on my weight. Everything was based on that. I thought everything would fall into place after that. I’m really grateful for having the chance to work on internal issues as well. I wouldn’t have been able to lose it had I not worked on some bigger issues (which I can’t give away).


Why moving to L.A. does not turn you into Lauren Conrad...

CS: I loved "The Hills", I watched faithfully! I was all about L.A. and it being glitzy and glamorous. But I knew I wasn’t going to get a job at Teen Vogue.  



Having a great roommate makes a world of difference:

CS: I am really excited for everyone to find out more about my roommate Jenna. Meeting her for the first time was weird because she was so bubbly and over-the-top and I never had roommate before. But she was so encouraging, and she really took me under her wing. She got me to see different sides of L.A. that I would never had explored on my own.


Why fanfare is awesome!

CS: I’m still just floored with outpouring of love from fans. They are always encouraging me and they let their guards down to share personal stories with me. This is what this whole journey was about. They make it all worth it for me. I’ve even talked to some of them on the phone. I thought I was alone and I haven’t been. We all have a struggle and a story to tell.


How the power of positive thinking is a good thing:

CS: If you surround yourself with positive people, you’ll get those positive results. I’m embracing being Chelsea; I’m still a work in progress. But I know now it’s about believing in you, that things are possible. You have to imagine it and then believe it. I always wanted to lose weight. I also surrounded myself with people who were doing things I knew weren’t good for me. I victimized myself for so long. To see how I blamed every problem on my life on my weight. You have no one else to blame, you have to take life by the reigns. You have to be focused, be driven, and you have to want it. Life is too short. I’m 24 now, and I’m happy to make the change. I feel like L.A. was a fresh start and a time to rewrite my story. I love different things about L.A. I’m just trying to take it day by day.


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