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So "High" for Forget Me In Vegas
"I’m so high for you”. Yes, Forget Me In Vegas, we are so high for you!
With two successful albums under their belt, no one should forget the spunky band Forget Me In Vegas. Originally from Rochester, New York, this American pop-punk group has reached the hearts of millions of fans all across the U.S. since its 2009 inception. We’ve been following the members of FMIV -- lead singer Chris Wurzburg, guitarist Jamie Okrzynski, drummer Joe Raymond, and bassist Garrett Chamberlain -- for a few years now, having released 2 EPs thus far.
So what’s new for Forget Me In Vegas? The release of their first full original music video, “High”, available now on YouTube. “High” tells the story of a boy who is so in love with a girl that he is literally “high” for her. Lead vocalist Wurzburg belts that “[she’s] got me feeling like an addict, I’ve gotta have it” and that “it’s such a head rush, every time our lips touch”. The romance between Chris and his crush is palpable in the video... and so are his dreamy blue eyes. 
This new music video has a fervent energy to it, giving its viewers the head rush described by Chris. A feel-good song and natural high, it is the perfect tune to jam to in the car, rage to at a party, or just dance in your room. Make sure to check out “High” because it’s the perfect song for this summer’s playlist!
- Sarah Shatz, YH Staff