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Shia LaBeouf Headed to Broadway
It’s no secret that hottie Shia LaBeouf is a very talented and versatile actor. He has very much proved himself and established his career in the industry. Now, LaBeouf has decided to test his skills on the Broadway stage!
It was recently announced that LaBeouf will be making his debut on Broadway in Spring of 2013 with Alec Baldwin in a revival of the play Orphans. The play, set to open on April 7, 2013, is about two orphan brothers who end up kidnapping a gangster named Harold (who will be played by Baldwin). LaBeouf will be playing the eldest brother, Treat.
LaBeouf has really grown up and made a name for himself since his early roles. He started out doing comedy, and that is how he landed his part on "Even Stevens" and later his first big movie role in the big screen adaptation of the book Holes. His career only started rolling from there. In 2007, LaBeouf starred in the film Disturbia,and later that year, he played Sam Witwicky and saved the world from the Decepticons in Transformers. He continued to star in very popular films like Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull and Eagle Eye, as well as two more installments of Transformers, but soon started to broaden his acting skills. He went on to star in dramas like Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps with Michael Douglas and Lawless with Tom Hardy. LaBeouf has a couple projects in post-production set to release in 2013 like Triple Nine and the very controversial Nymphomaniac. And who can forget his intense appearance in the Sigur Rós video earlier this summer?
It is great to see how far LaBeouf has come from his first roles on the Disney channel! Not only has he overcome the pressures and pitfalls of the Child Actor Syndrome, but he has been thriving and found his niche. He has made a smooth transition from a comedic actor to a serious one. I can’t wait to see what else LaBeouf has in store for his fans!
- Amanda Baltazar, YH Staff