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'Lovelace' Clip Shows Off Amanda Seyfried's Chops
Written by Katie Marzullo
After much anticipation – and some brief competition from another (ill-fated) flick starring Lindsay LohanLovelace finally had its grand debut at the Sundance Film Festival this week. The film tells the real story of Linda Lovelace, the star of 1970s porn classic Deep Throat, starring Amanda Seyfried in the titular role.
Now, if I showed you a photo of the real Linda Lovelace, I’m willing to bet the furthest thing from your mind would be “porn star”. The ‘70s were a different time, you guys.
Admittedly, a blonde, blue-eyed, full-lipped beauty like Amanda Seyfried is a more modern ideal for someone in that particular profession, and even in a frizzy brown wig, Seyfried does Lovelace a multitude of favors. But, as is often the case with biopics, directors Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman were not interested in a carbon-copy of the late actress – they were looking for someone who could infuse some authenticity into the role and bring the story to life. By all accounts, their decision paid off, as Seyfried’s performance has been getting some very positive reviews from Park City.
Deep Throat brought porn into the mainstream in the 1970s and made Lovelace into somewhat of a mythical figure. But what was once seen as a breezy, cheesy little sex film took a dark turn years later when Lovelace came clean about the actual circumstances surrounding it, and her own torrid personal life at the hands of her abusive husband, Chuck Traynor. Born Linda Boreman, she eventually became an active anti-pornography advocate, but she died tragically in 2002 at the age of 53 following a violent car accident. Lovelace seeks to chronicle Linda’s journey from a porn industry victim to an empowered woman who takes back control of her life.
A short clip of the film was recently released via Entertainment Weekly, giving us a glimpse of Seyfried’s performance and the film’s angle of exploring Lovelace as a person as opposed to a sex object. I’m willing to bet the real Lovelace would be rather appreciative of the effort. Check out the clip below:
- Katie Marzullo, YH Staff Editor