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Live Spielberg Q&A Following Screenings of 'Lincoln'
Written by Katie Marzullo
As Hollywood immerses itself fully in the Digital Age, it’s little wonder that Steven Spielberg would jump to the front of the bandwagon, given his immense contributions to the world of Sci-Fi moviemaking. Ironic, though, that his recent high-tech endeavors revolve around a film that has absolutely nothing to do with the science fiction or technology!
A few weeks ago, Spielberg, along with actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt, premiered the first official trailer for Lincoln during a live Google+ Hangout. It was an event that brought to light how social media and digital marketing are beginning to overlap considerably in Hollywood, giving fans more and more intimate access to A-List filmmakers and stars. The next logical step in this process will occur on October 10, when ten specially-selected AMC Theatres will screen the film, followed by a Q&A session with Spielberg and star Daniel Day-Lewis live via satellite. The twosome will answer questioned sent via Twitter by fans (using the hastag #LincolnMovie), basically cutting out the middleman and making the audience the equivalent of a late-night talk show host.
And while viewing the film itself will be exclusive to the theatre patrons in Los Angeles, Atlanta, Boston, New York City, Chicago, Dallas, Miami, Seattle, Houston, and Washington D.C., the Q&A itself will not, as it will be streamed live on Yahoo! Movies.
Lincoln opens in theatres nationwide on November 8 and will (presumably) win a million Oscars on February 24. Check out the trailer for Lincoln (as well as the Google+ Hangout) here!
- Katie Marzullo, YH Staff Editor