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Just When You Thought It Was Safe to Watch TV Again...
Sink your teeth into one of the greatest weeks of the year.
That’s right, Shark Week just started Sunday, and it already has people tweeting, posting, and talking about it. From myths to reality, Discovery Channel really pushes the envelope with its content throughout this glorious week.
Unfortunately for me, life sans TV for the summer means I can’t watch the shows in real time, but boy oh boy, did I hear an earful about Sunday’s episode concerning Megalodon, the extinct species of shark that roamed the prehistoric oceans. It puts Great Whites to shame, and that is a tough feat to achieve. Whether or not it existed is still up for debate, but by the looks of the generated buzz last night, it seems that the information presented was pretty convincing, or at the very least interesting (and terrifying). Is the mega-shark still roaming the waters?
There are many mixed feelings about Shark Week; for some, this is an early Christmas, but for others, it’s an excuse to stay away from TV for a week. I think some people miss the big picture of the episodes and information. To me, Shark Week is as educational as it is entertaining. We know so little about the ocean in general, and even less about so many species of sharks. Our first thoughts when we hear the word “shark” are terror, death, and monsters, but this is a misconception.
Between Jaws and Sharknado (yeah, I went there), Hollywood hasn’t helped the ocean’s top of the food chain much. It’s an easy win: sharks look scary, so it only makes sense to put them in compromising roles. Sure, Shark Week talks about statistics and shark attacks and all of that negative stuff, but I don’t think they should be interpreted as an excuse to never step foot in the ocean again. The facts presented are meant to teach you what sharks are like and how they act. The ocean is their home after all. For the most part, they want to be left alone as much as you or I do.
Sharks are fascinating creatures, and we don’t even know the half of it. There are still so many to be discovered, and even more that will probably never be found. That’s why Shark Week is so amazing! We get an up close and personal glimpse into the world of these giant fish. I mean, that’s really what they are. When you sit down to enjoy an episode of these toothy creatures, keep this in mind. Sharks are a mystery, so don’t judge a book by its cover (or it’s Hollywood streak).
Here’s a schedule of the entire week of sharky goodness!
- Danielle Koch, YH Staff