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Increase Your Karma at Kandy Vegas Labor Day Weekend Event!
From parties at the Playboy Mansion to cruises to Mexico, the Karma Foundation has become known for hosting events with unique themes, concert-style productions, and beautiful people. The best part is that guests are actually partying for a cause! Karma events have generated hundreds of thousands of dollars for various participating charities. 
Founded by Eric Stotz and Dylan Marer along with Executive V.P. Marvin L. Epstein, the Karma Foundation has been paying it forward by creating unforgettable party experiences. Their inaugural event took place in 2006 at the Playboy Mansion and was a huge success. They aimed to make their next soiree even bigger and better. Having been inspired by the essence of the Playboy Mansion (a candy store for men), they came up with their candy theme and created events such as Kandy Halloween, Kandy Masquerade, and Kandyland.
This Labor Day Weekend, the Karma Foundation will host their most extravagant event yet. They are completely taking over the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino for Kandy Vegas. When asked what guests can expect, Stotz -- AKA “Mr. Kandy” -- told me this will be even bigger than their past events. Usually, Kandy events cap off at around 2,000 people, but at this event there, will be over 4,000 attendees. “There will always be something going on, whether it be pool parties, light shows, happy hours, or night clubs. Basically, it will be like the Kandy Kruise but on land.” As always, guests can expect a candy-themed environment with giant lollipops, candy vignettes, and gorgeous girls dressed up as their favorite treat.
Karma/Kandy events always provide top-notch entertainment, and Kandy Vegas will be no exception. Double platinum, Grammy-winning artist Chris Brown will headline the main event on Saturday night, September 1. Weekend talent will also include performances by Paul Oakenfold, Rev Run & Ruckus, Z-Trip, Pauly D (yes, that Pauly D), and more! Additionally, they have partnered up with TropicBeauty for the Miss Kandy 2012 TropicBeauty Model Search. So, what does it take to be the next Miss Kandy? According to Stotz, she should be “poised, fun, sexy, engaging, well-spoken, photogenic, and the complete package.”
For Kandy Vegas, the Karma Foundation has partnered with Model Citizen Fund. This charity provides backpacks filled with basic necessities for disaster victims and homeless people. Items include water, sunscreen, dry foods, and other essentials that people can live off of for several days. 
Tickets are still available for this magically delicious event!  Visit www.kandyvegas.com for more information. An amazing Labor Day Weekend and good karma? What could be better?




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