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Daniel Radcliffe's Got the Beat in 'Kill Your Darlings'
Written by Katie Marzullo
Harry Potter no more!
Okay, to be fair, Daniel Radcliffe was already working very hard to distance himself from his boy wizard character even while he was still in the middle of filming the 8-part movie series – most notably, getting his full kit off during a run on the Broadway revival of Equus. Insert your “wand” jokes here.
DanRad has made it perfectly clear from Day One that, even though he is eternally grateful for the opportunity to play an iconic character for over a decade, he is more than just Harry Potter. He ain’t afraid to get down into the nitty-gritty, and he is definitely proving it with his indie flick Kill Your Darlings.
We’ve been hearing about this movie for a while now, which sees Radcliffe portraying real-life Beat poet Allen Ginsberg. Mostly what we’ve been hearing centers on our Mr. Potter sharing a rather explicit sex scene with co-star (and Leo DiCaprio’s Mini-Me) Dane DeHaan. But it’s more than that, I promise.
The official trailer was just released, and just like a Beat Generation poem, it’s a little hard to interpret on its surface, so allow me to explain – DeHann plays Lucian Carr, a fellow poet of the era who found himself on the wrong end of an infatuation from an English professor named David Kammerer (played by Michael C. Hall). Kammerer basically stalked Carr, and one night in 1944, Carr had just about enough and killed the older man in NYC, dumping his body into the Hudson River. Now, the film seems to play up Ginsberg’s involvement in all this, as it was actually William Burroughs and Jack Kerouac who were more deeply connected to the incident. I guess the intention was to more closely knit together all these heavy-hitters from this counter-culture. And see DanRad’s bare ass again, naturally.
At any rate, check out the trailer below, but be warned: NO NUDITY!
- Katie Marzullo, YH Staff Editor