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Chatting With Singer Chanel Dror
I love finding summer songs. I especially love when it happens right before Memorial Day, before all the BBQs and pool parties start. I’ll let you in on my personal song of summer -- "R U Jealous Yet" by Chanel Dror. Chanel just debuted the music video for her single, and it’s the perfect motivation for me to get out of the house and hit the pool.
I got the chance to chat with Chanel to get all the deets on her song, her life in Austin, and what it’s like having Chamillionaire know your name. Check it out below and make sure to load this song on your iPod for all those trips to the beach this summer!
YH: Congratulations on your music video release for "R U Jealous Yet". What was your inspiration behind the song, and the video?
CD: Thanks! For "R U Jealous Yet", I wanted to give listeners -- both young and old -- a song that was purely fun, that they couldn’t help but dance to. And the video just needed to be a visual materialization of that. I knew that if viewers were engaged and smiling throughout the whole thing, then I’ve done a good job.
YH: Your style in the video is so fun and carefree, any girl would want to shop in your closet. How did you pick your looks for the video?
CD: At this point in my life, I’m not trying to pretend to be anyone else. The video just needed to be an accurate representation of my style and energy, and how I like to celebrate with my friends! So, for me, that meant laid back, backyard partying.
YH: You’re from Austin -- what are some of the hot spots in Austin? Do you have any secret spots that you’d recommend?
CD: Since there are new places popping up each week, this is actually a tough question to answer. A new bar called Whistler’s just opened up on Austin’s East Side, and I’m thinking it’s going to be my go-to spot all summer long!
YH: Do you sing in the shower? What’s your go-to song?
CD: It’d be easier for me to list the songs that I don’t sing in the shower! It varies greatly, but an Adele song is always sure to make an appearance.
YH: As you make your way through the early stages of your career, have you been given any advice that you keep in your head?
CD: The words of wisdom I follow in music are the same ones I live my life by: be positive, be confident, and take everything with a grain of salt.
YH: If you’re in a bad mood, what song do you immediately put on?
CD: Anything by Big Moe usually does the trick.
YH: From watching the music video, you’re clearly in great shape! How do you stay in such good shape when you’re so busy?
CD: Well, thanks! It’s a combination of eating (sorta) healthy, plus yoga, strength training, and leisurely bike rides a few times a week.
YH: What songs are on your workout playlist?
CD: 50 Cent’s Get Rich or Die Tryin’ has been the only album on my workout playlist for years now... and it never lets me down.
YH: If someone only had 24 hours in Austin, Texas, what would you tell them to do?
CD: Spend the day at Barton Springs, eat dinner at Uchi, and go out on 6th Street.
YH: Since starting your musical career, you’ve received acknowledgement from talent like Chamillionaire… what was that like?
CD: At first it was like, “Chamillionaire knows me? I need to sit down, I think I’m going to puke.” But then it was like “Hell yes, this is awesome.”
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- Lian Teicher-Tanenbaum, YH Staff