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Catching Up With... Ryan Beatty
Teen sensation Ryan Beatty released his debut EP Because of You exclusively on iTunes, and in less than 24 hours, it hit #1 on the U.S. Pop charts and #7 on iTunes's Top Album charts – all without being signed to a label!
The young artist has gained a worldwide following with more than 35 million views on YouTube and 270,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel. Many top industry influencers have taken notice of the singer, including Ryan Seacrest, who released Ryan’s first music video, “Every Little Thing” on his website. 
Since the last time YH chatted with Ryan, he has spent most of the past year touring the U.S., playing in sold-out venues from coast to coast.
When Ryan isn’t performing around the country, he makes it a priority to give back and get involved in the community by participating in public service announcements and making guest appearances to local events.
We got a chance to catch up with the young star to talk more about his community involvement and his continued success!
YH: Last month, you visited Red Bank Regional High School to perform and speak about how kids can help put a stop to bullying. Tell us more about this.
RB: Yes, I worked with the organization Defeat the Label to talk to my peers about bullying. It's great to talk to other students my age, especially about this subject. I have been through bullying myself, so I can help other kids by telling them how I got through it. 

YH: How did you get involved in the anti-bullying campaign?
RB: It's something I've always wanted to do, so when the opportunity came to me through Defeat the Label, I was totally up for it. 
YH: Along with the anti-bullying campaign, you are also the face of a recent PSA “It Can Wait”, a campaign to end texting and driving, airing nationally throughout the U.S. What connected you to this project?
RB: I've always been a huge advocate against texting and driving, so it was something that already concerned me. I wanted to get the word to new drivers that it is not worth it.

YH: Ashton Kutcher is a big fan of yours and has raved about your talents. Justin Bieber has even performed an online cover of one of your original singles. How does it feel to get praise from two individuals such as them?
RB: It's crazy! When extremely talented people recognize you and give you props, it's a great feeling for sure.

YH: Where does your musical inspiration come from? Who do you look up to?
RB: I grew up listening to James Taylor, Kenny Loggins, Electric Light Orchestra, Stevie Wonder, etc. A lot of my musical inspiration came from them. Another artist I look up to is John Mayer. I listen to his music probably every day, and I learn a lot from him.

YH: You have been touring a lot recently. When you are not touring, what kind of things do you like to do for fun? Any hobbies?
RB: I love to skate with my friends when I can. It’s a lot of fun and I feel carefree.
YH: Fun fact -- I hear you may or may not have a clown phobia. Is this true? If so how did this start?
RB: Hahaha, yes, it's true. Not as bad as it used to be though! It started when I was around 6, when I watched the movie [It], based on the Stephen King book. It scared me. hahaha
YH: Any advice you would like to give to aspiring young singers?
RB: Do the kind of music that YOU want to make! Don't go with "what's popular". If you stay true to yourself and your craft, it will work out.
Keep up with Ryan on his Official Website, Facebook, and Twitter! And check out the time when we helped Ryan pick out an outfit for the Teen Choice Awards below:
- Felix Kay, YH Staff