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The latest band that has me “tongue-tied” is GROUPLOVE! I recently saw them perform live at Jimmy Kimmel’s Mini-Concert to promote the release of their new album, Spreading Rumors, and for those of you for haven’t heard of them, I’m sure that you’ve heard their hit “Tongue Tied”. Here’s the music video to refresh your memory:
The band consists of Christian Zucconi, Hannah Hooper, Andrew Wessen, Ryan Rabin, and Sean Gadd. They have played with names like Florence + The Machine, Two Door Cinema Club, and Foster The People and have also made appearances at Lollapalozza, Outside Lands, Coachella, and many other music festivals. “Tongue Tied” was featured on their first album, Never Trust a Happy Song,in 2011.
Their rock/pop/indie vibe is taking over, and I’ve been jumping on the bandwagon ever since I saw them live. Head on over to their YouTube channel to check out more of their great music.
Here’s are a couple of my favorite songs from their new album:
"Shark Attack" (live)
"Ways To Go"
GROUPLOVE is on the up and I would definitely recommend seeing them live! Not to mention that I wish I could dance like Hannah... They are currently on tour so check out their website to get info and tickets!
- Amanda Baltazar, YH Staff