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Zac Efron keen to tackle massive hiking trail

Zac Efron is planning to take his father and brother on a 2,181-mile (3,510-kilometre) trek across the country next year (12) so they can spend quality time together.

The High School Musical star is a hiking enthusiast, and he's keen to walk the Appalachian Trail - which extends from Maine to Georgia - with his dad and younger sibling Dylan.

He tells Britain's Metro, "I just bought them new backpacks and soon we are going to set off on an epic trip. We won't go to the jungle because there are too many mosquitoes and we get eaten alive. There must be something in our blood.

"I want to climb Mount Whitney in California. We will probably hike the Appalachian Trail. OK - that's a New Year's resolution. My life is so crazy I have to get out of L.A. It is just nice to see virgin land, to be somewhere that no one else has been, at least for a couple of weeks."

And the hiking trip isn't the only adventure Efron has planned: "I still haven't gone skydiving, which I meant to do years ago. I want to check out China and India and just go get lost, do some Indiana Jones stuff."

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