At a press conference held to promote the film at Cannes on Tuesday, the 26-year-old Twilight star tried to play down the audience's negative reaction, telling reporters, "Everybody did not boo. Let's be clear."

The film's director Olivier Assayas blamed the boos on audience members not understanding its finale, saying, "It happens to me once in a while where people just don't get the ending. For me, it's the closest I can get to a happy ending. I'm sorry I can t get much further than that... When you come to Cannes, you have to be prepared for everything."

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Kristen also spoke about her belief in the supernatural at the promotional event, saying, "Do I believe in ghosts? I don't know, I guess I believe in something. I'm really sensitive to energies and I truly believe I'm driven by something I can't really define. It gives me a feeling we are not alone."

Kristen won critical acclaim the last time she worked with Olivier on the 2014 film Clouds of Sils Maria, and she explains that he pushes her as an actress even though they rarely converse.

"We don't talk to each other a whole lot. He never answers my questions," she adds. "There is a communication that is undeniable. There is a flame he lights under my a**."

Although Personal Shopper was booed by the Cannes audience, it received a warmer reception from critics.

"Personal Shopper got the first boos I heard at #Cannes2016, which led me to only clap harder," Nigel M. Smith of British newspaper The Guardian wrote on Twitter, adding, "I found it beguiling. Stewart is mesmerizing."

BBC radio reviewer also praised the film, and in particular Kristen's performance, writing on the social media network, "Odd boos at #PersonalShopper #Cannes2016 - it's silly but mesmerising and you can't take your eyes off #KristenStewart - even if you want to".

Not all reviews were positive however, as The Hollywood Reporter's Todd McCarthy wrote in his review that, "Even Kristen Stewart can't save this undernourished mystery."

Personal Shopper is scheduled to open in France in October this year (16). It is yet to receive a U.K. or U.S. release date.