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Ian Somerhalder urges fans not to shop on Thanksgiving

Ian Somerhalder is urging fans to resist the temptation to hit the shops over the Thanksgiving holiday (24-27Nov11), insisting they should spend more quality time with their family instead.

Millions of Americans are expected to descend on stores on the day after Thanksgiving (25Nov11) for the traditional Black Friday shopping frenzy, in which shops lure in customers with lower prices.

However, Vampire Diaries star Somerhalder is adamant people should be at home with their loved ones instead of trailing around the high street.

In a series of posts on Twitter.com, he writes, "Happy Thanksgiving. I'm NOT grateful for... the midnight Black Friday c**p - thousands of families missing out on family time... Stores should be ashamed. Family is all we have, the foundation of our country and our world. Just my 2 cents, may not matter but I said it... Truly a day for thankfulness and family. Not what you... buy people for xmas... Right? Enjoy enjoy."

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