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Ian Somerhalder asks for charity donations to mark birthday

Ian Somerhalder has shown off his generous side by asking fans to donate to his charity instead of sending gifts for his birthday this week (begs05Dec11).

The Vampire Diaries star turns 33 on Thursday (08Dec11) and he's reached out to his online followers with a special blog message.

He's urged them to support his non-profit organisation, the Ian Somerhalder Foundation (ISF), which he set up to raise awareness of environmental issues.

Somerhalder writes, "I can't believe it - I'm turning 33! It's amazing to think that ISF (IS Foundation) is only celebrating its first birthday, still an infant, absorbing all the love and support possible to help it grow into a miraculous change maker. ISF is unbelievably precious to me...

"When people ask me what I want for my birthday, the one thing I can think of that means more to me than anything else is the success of ISF. I see, hear and read the potential in all the youth we come into contact with and I don't want to let them down...

"If you were intending to send me a gift for my birthday, thank you - seriously. It's incredible that people take time out just for me... but if you are intending to send a gift this year, I beg of you not to.

"If you really are driven to still give, the best birthday present I could possibly imagine receiving is a donation to ISF."

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