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Hurricane almost wrecked Matthew Morrison's wedding

Glee star Matthew Morrison feared he'd have to make drastic changes to his Hawaiian wedding when a hurricane threatened to wreck his nuptials earlier this month (Oct14).

The actor/singer celebrated his one-week wedding anniversary with his new wife, Rene Puente, at his fifth annual birthday bash back in Hollywood on Saturday night (25Oct14), and told People.com his big day was a dream come true after a few last minute problems.

He said, "It ended up being better than I ever could've imagined.

"There was a hurricane in Hawaii when we were there, so that led to a lot of, I guess, stress that we didn't really anticipate! (But) the hurricane brought the most amazing sky that night. It was a green sunset, which is kind of an anomaly. So that was special."

He added, "Saturday, it rained the entire day up until the moment my mom and I started walking down the aisle, when it let up. And then it was clear for the whole ceremony, the whole reception, until the moment the band at the end of the night said, 'All right, thank you, have a good night'. And then it started pouring again."

Morrison revealed he sang The Carpenters' Top Of The World - his late mother-in-law's favorite song for his bride at the reception. Puente's mother died in 2013 and the wedding was held on her birthday.

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