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Daniel Radcliffe's nuclear fears

Daniel Radcliffe grew up terrified of a nuclear blast.

The Harry Potter star is about to scare film fans as the star of horror film The Woman in Black, and he admits there were quite a few things that frightened him as a child - but none more so than the big bang.

He says, "I was afraid of ghosts when I was a kid and afraid of the dark and monsters under the bed. When I was a kid and somebody first told me about a nuclear bomb I would live in fear of nuclear war for the next five years of my life."

Nowadays, his biggest fear is creepy crawlies: "I don't love cockroaches."

And he admits he doesn't buy into ghost stories anymore - so all the weird things that happened on the set of his new chiller didn't keep him awake at night: "This film was made entirely by cynics. Strange things have happened but I don't explain it with ghosts. It requires actually way more explanation for me than justifying a ghost doing something."

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