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Billie Joe Armstrong encourages green giving

Billie Joe Armstrong is urging Green Day fans to go even greener this Christmas (11) by buying eco-friendly gifts.

The rocker and his wife Adrienne are encouraging holiday shoppers to pick up environmentally-conscious presents on the Natural Resources Defense Council's Green Gifts Guide.

The list includes a $15 Buffalo Babysitter package, which helps the NRDC protect bison in Yellowstone National Park, as well as rain forest and polar bear preservation packages.

In a video clip for the NRDC, Adrienne jokes, "This holiday season, I can't buy a bunch of s**t gifts that he'll just end up breaking. Instead, I go to (the Green Gifts website) where I can get awesome things for our friends and family."

Billie Joe adds, "Gifts that won't end up broken but will actually put the world back together again. Gifts that I won't break. Gifts that aren't the usual s**t."

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